Why Apprenticeship?

Why not job shadowing? Or job placement?

Photo Mar 29, 4 21 10 PMApprenticeships are an example of experiential learning. For 3-6 hours per week over the course of 3 months, teens gain technical and social skills in a vocation of their interest, through close mentorship from an adult. Additionally, apprenticeships allow IMG_2289current employers to develop the local workforce and attract high-caliber youth to their field.  Evidence has proven the power of apprenticeships in allowing youth to apply what they have learned in school. Outside of the United States, other countries are successfully implementing the apprenticeship model to build a more resilient workforce and reduce unemployment.

Jr. Apprenticeships are available in a range of industries. All are projected to have future job growth, be financially stable, and most importantly have an incredible & committed professional-mentor.