Jr. Apprentice

Developing the Future Workforce through Work Experience

Become a Professional-Mentor

Most people get into their careers through mentorship from people they know. Hartford youth have fewer opportunities to try out different careers, and meet local professionals. Without these opportunities, it is hard to imagine, plan for and develop skills for a fulfilling and financially stable career. Jr. Apprentice provides that opportunity.

Who are our students? – Jr. Apprentices are students in their Junior Year at Bulkeley High School and Pathways Academy of Technology and Design.

What is the commitment? – Apprenticeships are about 3-6 hours per week for 4 months (February-May). They involve meaningful work through which Jr. Apprentices learn more about your career & organization, and develop some of the skills you use to be successful at work. Jr. Apprentice will work with all professional-mentors to ensure that our students have meaningful experiences.

Our matching process – In January, professional-mentors interview 2-3 students. Once selected, the apprentices have a trial week at the site. After April, professional-mentors will have the option to continue the Jr. Apprentice’s employment through the summer. See reverse side for program timeline.

At no cost – Jr. Apprentice (not you!) pays students per hour of work and provides bus passes to get to and from the worksite. Being a professional-mentor is an investment of your time to greatly impact a local teen.