Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Jr. Apprentice (JRA) is a teen apprenticeship program dedicated to developing Hartford’s future workforce. By exposing high school students to a vocation of interest, the program’s ultimate purpose is to:

• Provide teens the opportunity to develop skills in a career path they find meaningful and financially stable.
• Build social capital through mentoring relationships.
• Foster closer connections between current employers and the future workforce.

 Jr. Apprentice was founded in 2013, and is a program of the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education.


Our Vision

“Because of Jr. Apprentice I learned how to write my resume. I then had the privilege of helping my mom create her very first resume…I would have never been able to do so before.” –Lesly O.,JRA Alumni

Providing teens at urban, public schools with career education + work experience intends to achieve impact in both the short and long-term.