Community Supporters

Community Supporters 

We are indebted to the following organizations, corporations and foundations who help make Jr. Apprentice possible.


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Advisory Board

Jr. Apprentice relies on an esteemed group of local community leaders for guidance & direction.

  • Martin Estey- Executive Director, Hartford Consortium of Higher Education
  • Jessica Fitzgerald- Magnet Theme Coach, Pathways of Technology & Design
  • David Goldblum- Principal, Pathways of Technology & Design
  • Donald Slater- Principal, Bulkeley High School
  • Carla Hawkins – Director, Jr Apprentice
  • Kate Hayden- Research Facilitator & Community Outreach Coordinator, UCHC
  • Rachel Litvin- Advisor, Career Beginnings
  • Adam Marks-Updike, Kelly& Spellacy
  • Karen Paulson- Fiduciary Investments Advisors
  • Tara Trifon-Locke Lord
  • Tracy Williams- Photoflight Aerial Media, LLC